Free Slots Online - The 1500 Best Slot Machines Online Play free slots online casino games at Fri, 19 Dec 2014 16:18:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Playing online slots and avoiding the ‘winner’s curse’ Fri, 23 May 2014 20:21:58 +0000 Stephen Danish is a professor of psychology that has studied the effect of a sudden windfall so much that he is now in demand to coach winners nationwide.

While winning the lottery or a big slots jackpot, may seem like an unambiguously good event, the history books are full of examples where winners managed to squander their newly gotten fortune and end up worse than when they started.

‘You can tell how well or badly someone is going to handle a sudden windfall when you hear them talk about their future’ the professor said. If they only talk about how they plan to spend their money, there are bad times on the horizon. If they view their new money as something they want to use to accomplish things, or as a tool to a practical end, then they may be on the right path. Specificity is the key.

Winners that pledge a part of their winnings to charity tend to do fairly well, said Professor Danish. Some, like William Kiefer who won $144 million in the Texas lottery in 2010, give a chunk of the prize to their church. In Kiefer’s case this was 60% of his post-tax winnings, and the effect that it had on his church gave him more satisfaction ‘than any amount of fast cars’.

Professor Danish noted that winning isn’t all light and roses – life can suddenly bring a new set of challenges and a steep learning curve as you understand the responsibilities that come with wealth in a country like America.

Winning a great deal of money from online slots, scratch off cards or the lotto can actually have a negative effect on happiness if the person isn’t prepared for the attention and the demands that money brings.

Those who have already found happiness in life tend to weather the challenge the best, he added. 10 Bakery employees who won $19 million in the New York state lottery decided to keep working together in their job. Some bought houses or cars, but they decided that their job was a source of such contentment that they didn’t want to give it up, even when the economic need to work was gone.

One eventually quit to look after an aging parent, but 9 of them stayed on at the same job.

If you’re lucky enough to win big, remember that money will not erase your problems. Those who adapt to the new life and keep their winnings for years to come are those that stick by their principles and enjoy life no matter what, said the professor.

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New Marilyn Monroe Slot Game Wed, 31 Oct 2012 10:43:30 +0000 Playtech has launched a brand new slot game that is themed around a celebrity. This celebrity is none other than Marilyn Monroe. This celebrity was able to enchant her audience with her smooth movements and magical presence. This game features the seductress in the game’s background as she stands in front of a theater  All of the game’s symbols that appear on the reels present vintage pictures of the star.

For instance, there is the symbol that features the star with her head thrown back. This symbol is the wild symbol of the game. When this symbol is a part of a winning combination, it doubles the payouts of lucky players, it also offers players the line jackpot reward that is equal ten-thousand coins.

As for the scatter symbol, it is the logo of Marilyn Monroe. It offers players scatter rewards when 2 or more of these scatter symbols appear on the game’s reels. The biggest scatter reward for five symbols is equal five-hundred coins. This payout is going to be multiplied by the initial bet and will be converted to casino credit. Players who get 3 or more of these symbols will be able to take advantage of a bonus round called “Backstage Bonus”.

This round gives players ten free spins accompanied by a multiplier of 2x. Before that, players are presented with a pin-up board that has 5 different pictures of Marilyn Monroe. Players will pick two of these pictures in order to earn more spins and multipliers.

This game can be enjoyed at a variety of Playtech powered casinos such as Bet365.

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Marilyn Monroe Slot Game


Marilyn Monroe Slots Game


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