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Slots with Bonus Rounds

Slots Games with Bonus Rounds

There’s nothing like playing slot games. It’s one of the world’s popular casino games where players take a shot at getting more winnings than they ever did before. This is where the players can bet anything from the minimum up to the max. From the basic 3 reels to the frisky risky progressives, there’s always a chance for someone to rake up big winnings just by playing a slot game alone. With so many variants to play and with so many winnings to win, it’s no wonder casinos rake in a lot of earnings from slot games. You can already see it around the world: more and more people flock to the casinos to get their game on with the slot games.

When it comes to playing slot games, nothing can get slot game players more hyped than a slot game with bonus rounds attached. This is something that many slot gamers go for when playing slot games; anything with a bonus round will net them more winnings than they bet for. The rookies won’t know much of it but the intermediate and advanced know exactly what bonus rounds can do for them. They may not be able to get the best on the initial bets but once they have access to the bonus rounds, they’re in for a pool of winnings.

What exactly are slot games with bonus rounds? These play out like any slot game, whether they’re 3D, movie-themed, progressives or whatever but they have some special bonus rounds attached to them. Now depending on how you play the games, you can unlock them if you do certain actions. For example, if you hit align symbols for some slot games, they’ll give you bonus rounds which will really last you for as long as you can keep going. Some bonus rounds can be triggered if you follow certain procedures.

Bonus rounds differ from slot game to slot game. Ordinary slot games have bonus rounds which give the typical bonuses: multipliers, paylines and the usual. Online slot games like 3D slot games offer bonus rounds which advance the story of story-centric 3D slot games like if you were viewing the story from start to the middle, you can view the ending when you activate the bonus round. There are really unique bonus rounds like the Jaws-themed slot game where you have to go “find” Jaws in a pre-arranged set of blocks he’s hiding under. There are many styles of bonus rounds to be found in slot games.

The benefits of bonus rounds differ as well. The many benefits you can get from bonus rounds include: free spins, free credits, free coins, multipliers that can multiply your winnings 2x – 7x or more, bonus multipliers that multiply your winnings further and other benefits that can come in handy when you need them especially when you need to get yourself out of a tight situation.

Now that you’ve got a grasp of the slot games with bonus rounds, it’s time you know how to activate them and use them to your advantage:

  Build up your bankroll. In every strategy of slot games, you ALWAYS need to build the bankroll. This time, you’re building your bankroll to activate the bonus round. So go ahead and build up the bankroll to make yourself comfortable and secure. This way, you can take a little risk to go for the bonus round. You don’t want to lose it all for just a bonus round.

Set aside your bankroll to keep up with the bonus round journey. When you’re building a bankroll, set aside portions of it for betting for the bonus round and betting for maintaining your position in the game. You can’t bet it all but at the same time you can’t keep it all. You’ll need to bet some and then lose some to access the bonus round.

Have an idea of how to unlock the elusive bonus rounds. Before you go Rambo on these slot games, have a clear idea on how to get the bonus rounds. Sometimes, bonus rounds are tricky to unlock. Some are easy to get and some are hard to get. The hard-to-get ones will slam your head with migraines. Make sure you have the idea first. If you need to do this certain procedure or maybe bet on max, you need to find the way to get it. Who knows; the bonus round activation might have been what’ve been doing for the last hour. Make sure you know the way.

When you’ve taken hold of the bonus round, learn it and master it. When you’ve finally taken hold of the bonus round, the next thing to do: learn it and master it. You cannot let the opportunity get away. Learn it as much as you can and then master it. You’ll only have a limited time to this bonus round so take your cue. Some will be hard to get and some will be a cinch. Always know every nook and cranny; does it have anything that can let you apply your own strategy? Is it hard to execute? Learn it and master it.

Find out if the slot game actually has a bonus round. Before you start making an apocalypse on casinos, find out if the slot game actually has a bonus round. You shouldn’t waste your time playing a slot game that has no bonus round attached to it. It’ll just waste your bankroll and energy. Take the time to know that and you’ll do just fine. You don’t want to play for hours on end and find out you’ve been playing for nothing.

Think it through: Are you willing to lose your hair over a bonus round? While bonus rounds are attractive and cool, you have to ask yourself: Are you willing to give up some of your precious time for some bonus round? Sure, they can give you more winnings and they can in many ways give you access to more winnings but if it means giving up a part of your good life just for that, then maybe you’re losing yourself. If you lose a job, lose a family or lose anything precious in the process of looking for that bonus round, you’ll need to reassess what’s truly important.

Set aside a time getting the bonus round. No matter how many times you learn how to get a bonus round, it will take a time. You’re lucky enough if you get it within minutes but for the rest of the players out there, they’ll need time. So set aside a few minutes or few hours to get your head into the bonus round hunting game. After work, after school, after drinking, after eating or before anything… use whatever time you set aside for yourself and go for that bonus round. Soon enough, you’ll get it.

Now that you have the strategy for winning the bonus round, what are some of the best slot games wit bonus rounds? Here they are:

Jaws – Oh yes. The famous Jaws-themed slot game that has one of the most unique bonus rounds: hide-and-seek. Google it or search it on Youtube and you’ll see this magnificent bonus round in action. You’ll yield in a lot of winnings if you manage to find the shark so go ahead and find him!

Shangri-la – In this slot game, you play as a guardian for a temple. To access the bonus round, you’ll be fishing for fishes in the river. Now if you manage to get the Koi Fish, the rarest of them all, you’ll get the bonus round. You’d better make it good and get this bonus round because you’ll rake in more winnings than you can imagine.

Any  story-centric 3D slot game or movie themed slot game – Games like Dog Chaser or LOTR have bonus rounds that when activated will let you view a part of the story or movie’s story. While it’s not much, it does make the bonus round a little more special because it lets you a progress in the story. You’ll be seeing a part of the story being repeated over and over again so why not see something like an epilogue?

And so that wraps up this guide about slot games with bonus rounds. There are so many good things about bonus rounds: they let you win more winnings, they let you play the slot game longer than it should be, it has different purposes (show better part of the story, try out unique ways of presenting bonuses like Jaws, etc.), they add more replay value to the slot game and more. While it is hard to obtain the bonus rounds due to the fact you’ll have to spend some significant time to get them, there’s something about winning the bonus round that really shows dedication in mastering the game. You shouldn’t dedicate your whole life to getting the bonus round but instead spend your spare time getting the bonus round. Because you’ll never know; that last bet of yours will be the key to getting the bonus round so have some spare time, whether it be after work or after school. You’ll see just how worth that bonus round is so get betting and start winning!

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