#1 Reel Deal Slots Club


The #1 Reel Deal Slots Club application brings the fun and excitement of a Las Vegas casino and conveniently puts it into the hands of the users. With this free slots app, players have the opportunity to have fun playing slot machines without wagering any real money. This game will take up 5.6 MB of space on your mobile device, but it will certainly be worth every byte of memory as this game will quickly become a favorite for all users alike. The #1 Reel Deal Slots Club app receives a rating of 12+ for slight cartoon and fantasy violence as well as for a small amount of crude humor or profanity. This game was created and produced by Phantom EFX, Inc.

App Features

Although the #1 Reel Deal Slots Club application does not offer a wide variety of games in addition to their slots, this is what they specialize in. Players can enjoy a great Vegas-like slot machine experience with the gameplay of this app. Players start out the game with 2 free slots. Both slots have their own unique themes and gameplay styles. As players advance within the games; however, they have the opportunity to unlock even more fun and exciting slot machines. Another unique feature offered by this application are the detailed statistics where players can keep track of their personal stats such as best streaks as well as average winnings. Players also have the opportunity to join slot tournaments in order to compete with friends as well as family. With popular reviews and a host of special features, the #1 Reel Deal Slots Club app will quickly become a favorite for all users.

More Game Detail

With the latest update of this free slots app, version 1.8, the #1 Reel Deal Slots Club app has only updated its libraries. Before this update, all other prior versions have received an accumulative average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This was averaged from over 4,400 reviews. After version 1.8 was installed, the average rating has increased up to 5 stars. This number was averaged from over 800 people.

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