Privacy and Terms

Privacy Policy

FREE SLOTS provides its users with plenty of content that comes in various forms. All of the content in its various forms belongs to the website and it can be changed at any time in order for it to be up to date with the industry due to its changing nature.

The users will not have to provide the website with any information in order to view this content unless they want to. They will never be forced or obligated to provide such information as they can open the website and access all of the content without providing the information. As for the users who would like to be more involved in the website and to be able to upload content or post comments, they will have to create an account.

In order to register an account they will be asked to fill a sign up form that contains a set of personal information that they will be required to provide. This information includes first name, email address, physical address and last name among other information. The users who would like to purchase any service or product from the website, they will be asked to supply more information including banking information and billing address.

FREE SLOTS assures the users that the database that contains all of the data that they have provided will never be sold or even shared with any other websites or 3rd parties. The database will only be  shared with certain subsidiaries of FREE SLOTS that will enable the website to provide its customers with client support besides other vital services.

All of the terms of this policy are subject to change at the discretion of FREE SLOTS’s management and such change can occur without any prior notices.

Terms of Service:

FREE SLOTS offers numerous content that is filled with information through its pages. This content is the property of the website and it has the right to edit any of it by deletion or addition at any time without having to consult the users or announce such change. This content can include casino reviews or articles that are published for other websites in exchange of monetary payments. This informative content is uploaded in order to aid the users in their research.

The website does not encourage any form of cookies on any of its pages but once the users click on the links that exist on FREE SLOTS, they can be exposed to cookies on these external websites. The terms of service only apply to the pages of the website but once the users head to external websites, they are on their own.

The website is not in any way responsible for abiding or checking the regulations and the laws of the different countries, it is the responsibility of the users to check the regulations and abide by them.

The moment that the user opens the website and starts to view any of the FREE SLOTS’s content, use any of the services or purchase any of its products, he is obligated to abide by all of these terms and it also means that he approves of all of the terms. Therefore, any users who have any minor or major objections should not use FREE SLOTS in any way.

All of the terms that are listed above can be reviewed and edited at any time without any prior notice at the discretion of the website management. The terms can be altered in any way, new terms can be added and existing terms can be deleted.