The Top 10 Casinos

The Top 10 Casinos Reviewed

The selection process in choosing the top ten casinos is entirely based on our experiences and reviews of the casinos which appear. takes into account several factors in adding an online casino to the top 10 casinos reviewed listing.  Above all criteria, player experience is the most important.  This is best represented in our overall score given to each casino.  It incorporates the number of games, customer service experience, ease of payment and ease of deposit as well as the general vibe the online casino gives with their conduct and attention to details such as VIP experiences and promotions.

How to Pick Slot Games

Casino games and especially slot games are the epitome of the application of luck. Everyone from around the world wants to get a shot at winning slot games, pokies, fruit machines and no matter what you call them, they're the favorite in trying for quick cash or even a life-changing jackpot experience.

There’s nothing like testing your luck with casino slot games. From the first time playing slots, you’ll be amazed at the intense amount of wins as you go for the big money jackpots. It’s no wonder that each and every year, you’ll see millions of people pitch in their cash for a shot at massive slot machine jackpots. And in turn, casinos give out billions upon billions of cash in free promotions to keep slot players coming back for more. Casino games are a timeless favorite of casino players from all around the world for one very good reason; slot machines are a lot of fun to play.

There are now thousands of titles in the slot game genre. But what are slot games, anyway? They’re the casino-games that have you pull a lever (and more modernly, click or touch a button) and let you sit back as symbols randomly align to win money. If you've watched movies with casino scenes in them, you have seen people sit in front of the typical slot machines, putting their coins in, and pulling the lever hoping to get some money. Those are the slot machines and from three reel slot machines to five reel slot machines and jackpot slots, these highly entertaining games are here to stay.

Slot Machines for Money

Slot machines are some of the best games to play for winning money. Why? First, slot machines let you play at your pace. Unlike other casino games like blackjack or poker, which pressure you because of time, slot games let you play at the pace with which you are most comfortable. Want to play it during work? Want to play it while sleepwalking? Want to play it when you’re watching football and figured you want to become a millionaire? Whatever reason you have, you can play at your pace.

Second, slot games let you play with the smallest bet. While other casino games let you risk it even at minimum, slot games let you play a small bet so you’ll have familiarity with the game. Who wants to risk it with a game with which they’re not familiar? A great thing about this is you’ll build up your bet bank so you can bet bigger and bigger.

Third, slot games have more varieties than any other casino game in the world. You’ll learn more about these variations, but understand this: if you’re bored of one slot game, you have thousands more that you can play. So go ahead and explore the seas of slot games.

So now that you have an idea of what slot games are, it’s time to get your hand on the lever and start picking a slot game. But what should you pick? What must you play first or what must you play according to certain factors? Here’s a guide on how to pick your slot game:

A. Are you just a rookie in slot games? You’d better start out with the basic slot games: 3 reels and 5 reels

All right slot game enthusiast. It’s time to make a pick, but wait… you’re just a beginner! What slot game is for you?

The 3 reel slots. 3 reels are slot games that are like this: you have to align the symbols (let’s say cherry or a number 7) and if you hit the same images (let’s say 2 or 3 of them) you’ll definitely get some good winnings. Some 3 reels will net you winnings, even if you don’t hit 3 images, just as long as you have two of them. It’s true for beginners since there are fewer paylines and fewer options. 3 reel slots machines typically require the least interaction from the player. When you’ve finally gone through 3 reels, upgrade to 5 reels. It is a good idea to keep at this one until you master it.

The 5 reel slots. The 5 reels work the same way as 3 reels, but you’ll have to align more images. But like 3 reels, you can align 2 to 4 images to make more winnings. This creates more or a bankroll (or your bet collection or bet bank) for you bet even more to get more winnings. Five reels predominantly offer more bonuses, more ways to win and typically have the most free spins.

B. When you need to take a shot for the jackpot, go for slot games with jackpots attached

You probably don’t know this but there are slot games that have jackpots attached to them. That’s right, casino gamer; you can become lucky with a jackpot just by playing a slot game. Many slot games have jackpot versions, therefore make sure to see if there’s an extra textbox with “Jackpot” inserted along with the amount. Now if you hit a certain combo you’ll hit the jackpot! But how does it all build up for you?

The progressive jackpot is on that is built up from the bets of all the players of the casino or a network of casinos; they take a percentage of those bets, and it adds up to the jackpot. Sometimes, the jackpot takes all the bets. It really varies from slot machine to slot machine. The best slot machines with jackpots are the progressive slots. These play like the regular ones, but they have jackpot prizes that go into the millions in many cases. There are a variety of progressives, but you should remember that some slot machines require you to bet large by betting the maximum amount of bets per line for all lines. It's generally a good rule just to bet the max on most slots as it opens up bigger bonuses and with jackpots, this is especially true.

C. Want to make your winnings double, triple, quadruple or even five-duple!?(Okay, not a real –duple word)… then go for the Multiple Payline

Multiple Payline slot machines work like this: after you place your bet and the symbols align, you might think that you didn’t win because the symbols didn’t align like they should. But what you didn’t know is the game has “lines” that follow their own paths. See, there’s a reason they’re called paylines: if you choose a number of paylines, they’ll rake you in winnings based on the symbols that are aligned “along” the lines. So if you’re lucky enough to hit a line with lots of good symbols, your winnings multiply. Always remember to pick your paylines correctly.

D. Love some multiplication in your slot games? Get on with the Multiplier and its variant, Bonus Multiplier

If the 3 reels and 5 reels bore you, you can try out the Multiplier slot games. What are these? These are slot games which multiply your bets by how many symbols you aligned. Say you bet $60, and you hit a “777”, for which one symbol gives you $60, your winnings will double or triple. So one 7 gives you $60, the second 7 gives you $120, and the third 7 gives you $180. Now how about its variant, the Bonus? Bonus Multipliers are Multipliers with a bonus round attached, and if you play them, you can get bonuses of up to $1000!

E. If you’re a really big movie fan and you want to experience something else, then go for Movie-Themed Slot Games

If you’re bored of the dull slot games, then how about you go for movie-themed slot games? There are a lot of them in casinos such as JAWS, The Godfather, Gladiator, and many other great movies turned into slot games. They have different functions than other slot games, and they often feature slot game functions like Paylines and Multipliers, making them fun games to play. If you want take risks, make winnings and do as in the movies, you should play the movie-themed slot games.

Can’t play at casinos in person? Going around the world for a cross-world trip? Need to make that date in Paris? Go online

If there is a reason you can’t play a slot game in person, have a date in Paris, or go to the Rodeo night sessions, go online and play. There are many online casinos and online slot game sites that offer you the best of the best slot games. You’ll get to practice with them since a lot of them don’t require your money. This will surely be convenient for the one who is pressured for time or simply needs to hone his skills in the art of slot games. This is definitely a great option when picking slot games.

F. Want the best experience that really reels you in? 3D Slot Games are the way to go

Related to the online slot games, you can try out slot games now rendered in 3D. Just like movie-themed slot games, you’ll experience something different with 3D slot games. They make a better experience by integrating stories with characters so real, that it makes you feel you’re part of the story. Bonus rounds, multipliers, paylines… it has all.

And so that’s how you pick a slot game. So whether you want to live your movies, or get good with the basics, you have a chance to get it with the slot game world. So go ahead, and make your bet because you’ll never know when you might just hit the jackpot.


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Spin Casino brings the cool factor to online gambling, delivering an unforgettable gaming experience that will leave you craving for more.
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Lucky Nugget is one of the best sites, and has a nice bonus up to $1000
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Stake is the leader in cryptocurrency casino gaming. The casino offers the best, and newest slots from the top game developers.
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Holiday Ride™
Holiday Ride™

Holiday Ride™ is a 5-reel, 25-line slot game offering an authentic Roman vacation experience. It features thematic symbols and multiplier wilds, adding to the thrill of this high-volatility game.

Infective Wild™
Infective Wild™

Unleash the Halloween spirit with Infective Wild™. This 5x5 slot features 40 paylines, transforming Wilds, and a thrilling free spins round. Prepare for intense gaming and frightful winnings.

Saiyan Mania™
Saiyan Mania™

Saiyan Mania™, a slot game with a 7x7 grid, offers the chance to achieve spectacular wins. Featuring a cluster of Saiyans and colorful ball symbols, the game employs the tumbling feature and multiplier spots for exhilarating gameplay.


Gemstone™ is a simple yet feature-rich 3x3 reel slot with 5 paylines, Wilds, and multipliers up to 15x to enhance your winning opportunities.

Sword and the Grail
Sword and the Grail

"The Sword and the Grail" is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot that transports you to King Arthur's court. The game offers multiple stages, free spins, and massive multipliers to enhance your gameplay experience.