Clickfun Casino Slots


Clickfun Casino Slots : App for Vegas-Style Social Gambling Games by Online Skill

Clickfun Casino Slot is among the first as well as the best Facebook free Slots app game. This game has excellent machines plus great awards spinning like never before. The game has the following unique features:
• Spin wheels on amazing animated slots.
• Unlock new games as well as bigger awards.
• Share gifts plus coins with buddies.

Clickfun Casino Slots App Features

Clickfun Casino Slots is a free slots app offered at Facebook that brings some of the best games in the online casino world. This app has plenty of incredible machines, huge awards plus lots more that anyone would think of. Fun begins immediately a player starts with the everyday spin.

This particular wheel comprises of different awards available and a player can use it only once in a day. There are several distinct bonuses, which are able to apply on the basis of a player’s level or even the number of friends they have. In addition to bonus wheel there is also an hourly free spin. This Clickfun Casino Slots bonus rises as the level of a player increases.

With Clickfun Casino Slots app, when a player has their bonuses they can begin spinning, with plenty of machines accessible online. However, every machine needs the player to be at a particular level before they can play and they should start playing with 3 varying slots.

A player is also able to send presents to their Facebook friends, or even ask for presents in return. These presents become coins once a player opens them. There is likewise the option to buy coins for actual money from this game with a diversity of options accessible.

Clickfun Casino Slots Game Features

Every slot comprises of an exceptional theme as well as animates once a player wins on specific line. A player has a chance to select the amount of pay lines and coins, which they gamble before every spin. Clickfun Casino Slots app has furthermore bonus games and free spins obtainable on every machine.

Every instance a player spins they will receive the amount of their gamble as experience, which adds up towards their total level. The greater the stake the greater the experience a player gets. Every time a player’s level goes up they also receive other bonuses like unlocking another Clickfun Casino Slots game or higher winning line, as well as greater stake amounts.

Developed by Online Skill Limited, Clickfun Casino Slots is a free-to-download mobile application available at the Itunes App Store to users of iOS devices running on Version 6.0 and up.


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