Crazy Crocs


Crazy Crocs Free Slots Review

There's no reason to cry crocodile tears when playing Crazy Crocs if you like classic slot machines. This slot machine will in fact be a true pleasure for nostalgic slot machine enthusiasts. Crazy Crocs is a slot machine that has three wheels, three rows and a playable payline. All the classic features of a gaming machine bent because of the list.

The symbols in Crazy Crocs feels even the back. Here we see BAR-symbols consisting of one, two and three lines as well as the classic sevens. Crocodiles are also included in the slot machine and is the only symbol that does not need to be paired with similar symbols to pay out profits. Players can know more about the crocodiles the payouts and the other line pays at the paytable of the game which is visible on the right side at all times.

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You have the opportunity to play for one, two or three coins at a time. To have a chance at the slot machine's big prizes, you need of course to play for three coins per game round but you can scrape up nice profits even if you play for lower stakes. If you win big bucks in Crazy Crocs and you have been 4,000 credits richer. For this to occur requires three crocodiles get up in the middle line while you bet three coins per round.

Something that is good with Crazy Crocs is that you can get pretty nice profits even if they do not line up crocodiles on the middle line. You can actually win as much as 1000 credits only by three crocodile symbols are visible on the field. Thus, one can say that the crocodiles works a bit like the scatter or spread symbols in video slot machine.s this makes this game a pretty unique offering that offers a 3 reeled classic experience with a scatter-like symbol, which is the crocodile icon.

There is not much more to say about Crazy Crocs Slot. Most of it is self-explanatory and has ever played the classic slot machines before so you know what you have to expect. Even as a total beginner, you will quickly get the hang of Crazy Crocs works. Try a few free rounds on this page before you start playing for real money. This would give you the chance to understand the game, and check out what it has to offer before placing real money bets on any of the casinos that host this slot machine.

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