Dragon Era Slots RPG Card Battle


Dragon Era Slots RPG Card Battle App for iOS Devices Versions 4.3 and Up

Dragon Era Slots RPG Card Battle app brings a unique kind of slot gaming experience. Developed by Playmage and released via the iTunes App Store, the app is free to download and install into iPhones and iPads running on iOS 4.3 and up.

Dragon Era Slots app furnishes players with a virtual slot machine that combines the battlefield of a Role Playing Game (RPG) and of a 3-row x 5-reel slot screen. The slot spinning actions reward players with a turn for attacking enemies, using weapons based on the elements formed as winning payline combination.

The app follows the same game play of a basic player-vs-player, card battle game. On the other hand, the Dragon Era Slots use the game mechanics of a conventional slot entertainment. The difference though, is that some RPG card battle attributes were incorporated as part of slot game play.

Dragon Era Slots RPG Card Battle Game Features

This Dragon Era Slots app has ample info that gives guides on how the elemental materials, namely fire, water, earth, dark, and light, can appear as winning combinations in a payline. A tutorial for the RPG card game was incorporated as well, and as part of slot playing activities and leveling up system.

The Dragon Era Slots app makes the skills of a team of combatants influential to the outcomes of a spin. However, players have to win coins that will enable them to acquire the card types that possess such skills.

The Spin Result Interferer for one, can interfere albeit favorably, with the outcome of a player's spin. Such capabilities include having the ability to increase the number of Chest Symbols as outcomes of a spin. Since the Chest totems are the Wild Card of the slot game, it increases the possibilities of hitting matched payline symbols. Some cards also have the power to increase the number of free spins received as bonus round, which apparently denotes increasing the number of Scatter Symbols activating the bet-free games.

Other skills worth mentioning are those that can change at random, any of the five non-earth elements into high-paying earth elements. Such an occurrence increases the chances of forming a payline combination made up of Earth Element icons.

Dragon Era Slots RPG Card Battle Game Feature

The Dragon Era Slots RPG Card Battle starts with a tutorial, or the zero level Novice Trial. It comprises two stages: the Fun Trial and the Final Training. Here, players learn how to use the source cards from where they can execute different types of actions. Such actions include Editing the Team, Strengthening, Selling, and Evolving.

The basic attack action in a Dragon Era Slots RPG Card Battle is part of the game play. An attack is possible only if the matched combination constitutes an element possessed by one of six cards used in an ongoing battle.

Also, in a Dragon Era Slots RPG Card Battle, gaining Experience Points (XPs) and earning coins from one's slot play are significant to a player's chances of winning battles. The initial cards available to a player all have basic attributes in terms of Card Level, Health Points (HP), Attack Skills, Recovery Power, and Command Points. The more coins amassed, and the higher the XP Level gained, the greater the potential combating power of a player's team.

Slot plays and XPs work toward reaching Level 20 and higher, as this will enable the card characters to evolve into a more formidable fighting crew.


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