Fishy Slots


Fishy Slots : Free App Recommended for Children and Adults Alike

Fishy Slots is a free slots app that makes use of fish as game theme. Instead of the traditional reel icons, matched fish icons make up a win.

The app is regarded as a great game for kids, for learning different kinds of fish while receiving rewards from playing. Fishy slots players can play by swiping the screen up or down to make the slot reels spin. In time, young players can learn how to flick the phone with just the right amount of force to try and line up matched fish images.

Fishy Slots App Features

There are many great features that are associated with this game. The Fishy Slots app has high ratings even for the paid version. This free version gives interested iOS 6.0 device users a preview, to help them decide before downloading the paid version.

Actually, the paid version is for the older audience as the app allows playing for real money. Moreover, the Fishy Slots paid version does not contain ads within the game.

Fishy Slots Game Details

In recent weeks, there have been some updates to the Fishy Slots free app. First of all, the odds of a person winning have increased. In the original version of the app, winning was a rare occurrence.

In addition, the speed of the game has increased as well. Now players can literally play five or ten times a minute if they would like to do so. This is a great app to play for people that are just wanting to kill some time.

This app is great for both children and adults. There is a limit to how much a player can place as bets in a day. Moreover, it requires the app owner to sign in with a user name and password before the games can be accessed.

The recent updates also freed the apps from any bugs in the system. Overall this free slots app is a cut above than others on the market. This Fishy Slots app is quite appealing as it exudes the quality of a premium slot game.


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