Flos Diner


Flos Diner is a 3 reeled slot machine that has a traditional setup as it is presented to online players in three reels and one single payline. The game is themed around the life of a waitress in a small diner and this is why the game is entitled Flos Diner. This is also why the symbols and the visuals of the entire slot machine are inspired by diners. For example, players will see the waitress holding an ice cream cup while smiling at the bottom under the reels. As for the symbols that appear on the reels, they include donuts, bar symbols, the waitress’ face and the ice cream cup. The game is a traditional game that has 3 reels with a single line, therefore, although the symbols and the visuals are exciting and fun, they are still pretty simple. Therefore players will not be able to enjoy advanced 3D visuals and graphics like modern video slots. Nonetheless, the game is fun to play and comes with many winning chances and an overall high quality ride.

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The reels are found on the left side while the paytable is located on the right side. The paytable shows players all of the possible payouts that they can earn and their respective combination of symbols. Since players can place 1, 2 or 3 coins on each spin, the paytable is divided into three columns; each one will show players how much they can earn for each payable combo of symbols for different betting levels. of course, the higher the number of coins, the greater the rewards. Therefore, players should always play the max bet of 3 coins if they are playing the game for real so they can have a crack at the highest payouts that the game has. Since the game is a 3 reeled classic game, it does not have any special symbols or bonus rounds for players to trigger during the game play, but do not worry, as the regular icons that the game has are more than enough and can trigger great prizes.

The game is powered by Microgaming, which ensures players a fun filled experience that is presented in top-notch visuals. It also means that players will be able to try the game here for free credits or head to any Microgaming casino such as Gaming Club and The Lucky Nugget in order to place real money bets on the game and earn back real rewards.

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