Lady Earth


Lady Earth is a slot game by Crazy Tooth Studios. As a developer, Crazy Tooth Studios might carry the burden of its name. People would always expect a crazy and a zany slot from a developer with “crazy” in its name. It is usually the case with many Microgaming and Crazy Tooth Studios’ titles. On the other hand, the game that we have here is not precisely that. Lady Earth takes a step back with the zaniness and comes across as a quiet, relaxing, and calm slot experience. It will take you through the cosmos as you drift into space with mother nature “Lady Earth” at the helm.


The slot has a unique theme, which revolves around Mother Nature. That explains the title of the slot machine, Lady Earth. You are going to travel with the beautiful Lady Earth across the cosmos for a relaxing and rewarding ride. So get ready for a Zen-inducing experience that is quiet yet fun and exciting.

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Lady Earth has an impressive visual experience that is calming and relaxing. The game starts with a 5-reeled format with 51 paylines and three rows of icons. The game itself takes place in outer space, as you enjoy the adventure and trip across the cosmos with Lady Earth. The visuals that are going to land on the five reels of the slot include Lady Earth herself, as well as stone runes that represent the forces of nature, including water, air, and fire.


The slot machine has an over RTP of 96.05%. That makes it in the top tier of slots when it comes to payout percentages. The slot has a wagering range that ranges between 0.20 and 300 credits for each spin. That makes it convenient for low rollers as well as high-stakes players.


Lady Earth offers plenty of features, in addition to its 51 lines. There is the Lady Earth Bonus and the Re-spin Insanity. You will be able to trigger the feature after any winning combo. When it becomes active, all of the positions with the winning icon will re-spin. If the re-spin results in a matching symbol outsize the zone, they will become a part of the re-spin area, and another re-spin will become active. The feature will keep activating until there are no new winning symbols appearing on the re-spin zone.

The other feature, Lady Earth, becomes active when you get three scatter icons on the slot machine's reels. When that happens, the action of the slot will shift away from the main reels. You will go to another gaming screen that offers a five-round picking game. You will choose icons from 9 options on a 3×3 selection grid. These blocks will offer credit rewards, skulls, tokens, or multipliers. When you collect four tokens, you can go to the next level. You can also trigger the multipliers before you go to the next level.

9.5 Total Score
Mother Nature!

Lady Earth offers a unique experience with five reels, 51 lines, and three symbol rows. It takes the edge away, unlike other Crazy Tooth Studios games. It offers a Zen-like experience as you traverse across the universe with Mother Nature, or as it is referred to in this game, Lady Earth. You can expect plenty of winning chances through its lines, features, and bonuses.

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