Mystique Grove

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Let’s face it, most video slots out there have somewhat of a masculine feel to them. The colors are darker, the theme usually peak a male’s interest more than a females, and there seems to be an untapped niche when it comes to appealing to women. Microgaming has come up with a great new solution to this. Mystique (pronounced like “mystic”) Grove is a fun new faery-themed video slot. There are five reels, but you don’t really see them defined as reels. Instead, it’s more like fifteen different medallions, each with its own symbol. You can get to see what the game has to offer, its prizes, its line pay and its bonus features and symbols at the payouts table of the game so players can check the winning chances of the game.

Even if you aren’t a woman, this game may just appeal to your gambling side when you hear that there are more than one thousand ways to win on this game. This number figures in the paylines, bonus games, wild symbols, scatters, you name it. There are so many different ways to win that it is hard not to imagine playing this game. The jackpot is even over 10k, and it’s a non-progressive one. Finding a jackpot that high can be hard to do! Players can get to enjoy this game right here for free so players can give the game a test drive and see what the game has to offer them before they can start placing real money bets on the video slot machine at any of the online casinos that host the game for free.

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This game plays very smoothly as well. The graphics move smoothly over the invisible reel lines, and each icon is very cute and pretty. There are different faeries, owls, and other nature related items, as well as the standard poker symbols that always seem to be in any kind of video slot games. The music is pretty calming too, and you can control the volume of both the sound effects and background music to you preferred levels. This is how the game creates this wonderful and magical theme of the game that succeeds in taking players into the fantasy world of the Mystique Groove where players will get to claim many rewards and enjoy one heck of a ride. So get ready for a one of a kind ride right here, right now.

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