Ring the Bells

Ring the Bells : A Fruit-Themed PlaynGo Classic Slot with Progressive Jackpot

Ring the Bells is a 3×3 9-payline fruit-themed classic slot, offering two Bonus Modes and a chance to enter PlaynGo's Progressive Jackpot Game. It combines the game play of a three-reel classic slot and contemporary reward-boosting features that add greater excitement to a reel spinning game.

Ring the Bells video slot has two Bonus Modes, namely the Bell Bonus Mode and the Gold Bonus Mode. However, these special features are active, only if a player has placed wagers on eight paylines, at the least.

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Three-Reel Slot Play and Pay Values

Following the game mechanics of a classic slot entertainment, Ring the Bells pays for three (3) horizontally aligned one-of-a-kind high paying symbols. These include the Gold Bar symbol, the Bell Symbol, and the Triple 7 icon.

The Gold Bar Symbol comes in a single, double and triple bar illustration, as alternative to the traditional BAR, BAR-BAR, and BAR-BAR-BAR logo. Any combination of those three types of Gold Bar Symbols has an equivalent payout value.

The Fruit Symbols have lower payouts but the game awards at least one (1) credit for any fruit symbol appearing anywhere across the reels. The Triple 7 Symbol awards Scatter Pays for every four (4) or more Triple 777 symbols appearing in any row or column.

Ring the Bells “Bell Bonus Mode”

This Ring the Bells special feature is activated whenever five (5) or more Bell Symbols appear as spin outcomes in any spot across the 3×3-reel set up.

During the Bell Mode, the Bell Symbols have Scatter pay values. This denotes that in addition to receiving payouts for matched Bell combos on an active payline, players also receive Scatter Pays for the rest of the Bell Symbols appearing in any reel location.

Ring the Bells “Gold Bonus Mode”

A set of three Triple Gold Bar symbols appearing anywhere across the reels activates the Gold Bonus Mode. Here, players receive an accumulation of bonus pays every time a spin returns with at least three of the Triple Gold Bar icons. At the upper left portion of the screen, a Bonus Box indicates the total amount of Bonus Pays accumulated.

A slot player will receive the total Bonus Pay if a spin produces a reel filled entirely with purely fruits symbols. In addition to the accumulated Bonus Pays, the All-Fruit-in-All-Reels combo awards extra pay of 25x the total bet wagered.

The Gold Bonus Mode also pays extra of 15x the bet placed, if four identical symbols occupy each of the four corners of the reel.

Activating the PlaynGo Progressive Jackpot Game

In order to access the Progressive Jackpot in the Ring the Bells game, a player must place a minimum real money coin value of 0.10 or higher as wager. The occurrence of three or more regular symbols encircled by a gold ring activates the PlaynGo Progressive Jackpot Game.

8 Total Score
Ring the Bells Excellent Gold Bonus Mode!

Ring the Bells is a 3-reel classic slot but has modern reward-boosting attributes, especially in the exciting Gold Bonus Mode, plus a chance to vie for the PlaynGo Progressive Jackpot.


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