Royal Panda Online Casino


Royal Panda Online Casino

For anyone who is looking to play online casino games without needing to go to the local casino, Royal Panda Online Casino is the way to go. With a wide assortment of different games and quality services, Royal Panda Online Casino is able to provide an excellent selection of games and services that any casino fan should check out. In fact, with the different features available, an individual might find that they no longer need to go to the local casino.


In regards to where you are able to play the Royal Panda Online Casino, you can log on throughout Europe, Canada and Australia. There are also certain regions throughout Asia where you have the ability to play. So, no matter where you are located, you can enjoy the gamin options. The game is regulated by the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom and received its license in September of 2013. Very few online casinos are monitored by the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom and this shows just how respectable the Royal Panda Online Casino really is. The online casino accepts payments from a variety of banking methods, ranging from a savings account to major credit cards (such as Visa and MasterCard), plus Skrill, Netewer, UKash, PaySafe and several other options. The Royal Panda Online Casino website also uses Comodo Secure to protect all information that is found on the website.


In terms of games, there are thousands of available games at the Royal Panda Online Casino. For starters, you are able to play a wide range of video slot machines. The majority of these slots are produced by NetEnt Slots. Short for Net Entertainment slots, there are hundreds of video slot options for fans. Now, you can play the more traditional form of slots where there are three reels and one play line. You can also play the NetEnt slots that offer 5 reels and 30 play lines. These games can also come with scatter icons, wild icons, free spins, bonuses, a progressive jackpot and all sorts of other ways for you to play and win. On top of it all, the Net Entertainment slots often replicate some of the most popular shows on television, including South Park and Game of Thrones.

Beyond just slots, a player can take part in the live roulette. This roulette game actually has an individual who spits the roulette wheel, so you are able to play a variety of different ways and it is no different than if you were at the local casino yourself.


One of the best reasons for you to check out the Royal Panda Online Casino is due to the promotions. There is a $100 bonus for your initial deposit. The online casino is going to match your initial deposit up to $100, so if this is the amount you deposit, you are going to have $200 to play with. That really isn't bad at all, and it gives you even more money to play and win with. Thee are other bonuses you can take advantage of after you sign up for the casino. There is a monthly “bamboo bonus”, which allows you to deposit money at certain times of the month and receive a percentage bonus, all the way up to $300 per month. There are also promotional bonuses each and every week, and you can check out these different bonuses that alter by the week. Sometimes you receive free bets on the slot machines or free buy ins for roulette and other options. Royal Panda Online Casino is an excellent experience.

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