Skull Duggery


Let’s face it, we’ve all thought about what it would be like to be a pirate at some point in our life. This is especially true after Johnny Depp and his Captain Jack Sparrow character helped bring it to life. Of course, the likelihood of any of us actually turning this dream into a reality is pretty nil, but it is nice to pretend every once in a while. Skull Duggery, a five reel video slot from Microgaming, can help you indulgence in your fantasy whenever you’d like. This Microgaming slot right here gives you that chance as it invites you to go abroad a pirate ship with a group of deadly pirates who are roaming the seas and the oceans to loot as many boats and claim as many fortunes for themselves. Players will join them for the exquisite and action packed ride, as well as for a chance to get to claim their own share of all of these fortunes and treasures.

The game, being Microgaming powered, comes in wonderful visuals and astonishing sounds that allows players to live in the theme of the game for an immersive pirate adventure. Just like a real pirate would, you have the chance to win a little booty with every spin you make. You’ll have all of the island scenes in the pictures too, from tropical fruits, pirate maps, treasure chests, and even Red Beard the pirate makes an appearance! The favorite feature of this slot will most likely be the Green Skull. This graphic does something few other games offer; it’s an instant winner icon! Even better, it acts as a multiplier when you get multiple ones in one spin.

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There is a bonus game as well, in which you get to help the pirate captain figure out which of his mateys is guilty of stealing, and if you guess correctly, he has to walk the plank. Guessing correctly also means an instant win for you! So next time you’re looking for a good five reel slot, take to the high seas and sing a sea shanty with the band of misfits in Skull Duggery. You can check out this amazing Microgaming powered slot right here for free before placing any real bets on the game at any of the online casinos that offer the game. See what it has to offer, understand its special features and game play options and then play it for real cash.

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