Slots Vacation


Slots Vacation App for Great Staycation Casino Games

Slots Vacation app provides the best remedy for those instances when a staycationer gets bored with nothing to do but laze around. Even though there are a lot of games to play that you have to pay for, there are still a lot of games that are free to play. One can find a variety of those free apps at the app store, offering a broad array of themes to choose from.

Slots Vacation for one, is a free slots app that has over eighteen free slot games to pick out that are absolutely free.

A free slots app created by Scopley, Slots Vacation  app was designed for both iPhones and iPads that run on iOS 6.0 and later versions.

Slots Vacation App Features

Enjoy a staycation with the Slots Vacation app as companion, as it offers weekly tournaments to enjoy with friends or family. The app also gives away additional free coins on a weekly basis.

To keep the games going , Slots Vacation app brings hourly prizes that are guaranteed to liven up an otherwise boring long periods of vacationing at home. At some point or another, everyone will get to enjoy playing with Slot Vacation app's offer of free games and the free extras right in their mobile devices.

Slots Vacation has in-app purchases (IAP) in case a user runs out of coins before the next round of free coins arrive. IAP items available include slots coin pack five for four ninety-nine. Yet the more experienced users say that IAPs are not necessary when playing the game. There are no punishments if a player chooses not to buy an in-app purchases. This game is not a paid advertisement although it may be considered as that by some.

Slots Vacation More Game Details

Playing is just part of the fun so why not earn something while playing for fun to make one's staycation more enjoyable. With family and friends involved, Slots Vacation can easily be turned into a family game night that can bring some memories for the long-haul.

Everyone likes to have a little fun and Slots Vacation brings amusement without having to pay real money, and fun without having to pay the price for the game. The Slots Vacation free slots app was updated on May tenth of twenty-fifteen so any issues that were possibly there should be resolved.


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