SuperLenny Casino Online


SuperLenny Casino Online

SuperLenny is a unique gaming experience. From the moment you land on the site it is evident you are in for a ride. The picture of SuperLenny hanging on the top left corner and the video with the rock singer on the right, set the stage for just how different the NetEnt slots action will be. You have to watch the video and hear the signature song, it is really cool. Signing up is just a click of a link and there is not a lot of congestion of information in the way to get started. No matter what language you speak, there are language buttons at the top that look like the flags of countries. And if you have questions, a live chat icon is at the right bottom of the screen to answer them for you. A great bonus is immediately available called the SuperLenny promotion, which gives you a 200 Euro bonus plus 150 free spins. You have to sign up to get the bonus. But if you just want to check out the casino play, there is an enter casino button.


SuperLenny uses the awesome Net Entertainment slots, which means the play is so real that you have to make yourself take breaks. Once I got inside, there was a slider screen with games and prizes information. For example, the games Tornado Farm Escape, Golden Era, Gung Pow and Siberian Storm are recommended. The first slider has information about a welcome bonus of 150 Euros plus 150 free spins. The second slider tells you how to win a trip with 10 nights at a B&B in Australia and premium tickets to a cricket game. I clicked each one to see what it was all about. To get the maximum welcome bonus you have to place three separate 50 Euros bets that come with 50 free spins. I really liked how they had actual pictures for each of the three simple steps to make the deposit and get the bonuses.

Speaking of deposits, there are a bevy of options, which consists of the usual ones so it was easy to make a deposit. The best part was how each deposit option had the minimum and maximum amount you could make. I thought that was really cool. It keeps you on your budget. Some of the minimums were as low as 10 Euro, which means you can start with a little bit to see if the NetEnt slots were going to be good to you. There was a maximum of up to 10,000 Euro, but I had no plans on touching that amount. I really like how most of the deposit options are free except for a few and they are only 2.5%.

The casino games were all listed on the left side once you clicked the casino button at the top of the page. There are over 69 games. There was a really cool link that had Lenny recommends with forty choices. I started there and was not disappointed. My favorite one was Judge Dredd. There were bonuses on the home screen which meant I was stuck for hours playing this off the chain game. It was an example of the best that Net Entertainment slots have to offer. The music and 3D graphics were sharp and realistic to the theme of the game. I forced myself to stop playing Judge Dredd to check out Foxin Wins, because it looked like it would be hilarious and it was.

I would highly recommend SuperLenny to anyone. I will be returning on a regular myself. And in the words of SuperLenny, over and out from the boss.

Michael Moriarty has been a writer and editor for over two decades. Find his work from the New York Times to any number of sites about the iGaming and Video Game industries.