The Finer Reels of Life


The Finer Reels of Life Free Slots

The Finer Reels of Life slot lets everyone live the life of the elite. On this game the player doesn't have to be a millionaire to feel like one. With multiple opportunities for winning on this game of free slots, players will find themselves rolling in free spins and imagining the life of luxury in no time at all.

Graphics and Sound
The graphics of this game are polished and regal in appearance. The symbols are reminiscent of the items that most people associate with wealth such as fine china, diamonds, and champagne. When symbols such as the free spin icon is lined up, the game indicates the bonus with special music and effects.

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Reels and Pay Lines
Gamers are free to select from three different amounts of which to place their bets. This slot takes wagers in the amounts of one, two, and five cents per line. When playing the maximum amount of lines and maximum wager amount the gamer can bet like the wealthy with a maximum of $7.50 per spin. With 243 chances to win on each spin of this five reel game is hard to beat.

Payouts and Wagers
The maximum amount that can be bet at one time is 150 coins. The bets can be placed per spin is a minimum of one cent to the maximum of five cents. This is a betting range of $0.30 to $7.50. The winning combination of symbols on this game pay out amounts between 30 and 400 coins for five consecutive icons.


Extra Spins
There are four different ways to benefit from a free spin on this online slot machine. This bonus is triggered by landing on the bonus round of the scatter symbols a pre-determined amount of times. These bonus games are the Coffee & Chocolate, Wine & Cheese, Whisky & Cigars, and Champagne & Diamonds. Five of these icons on the screen will award the player 7,500 coins.

This bonus called the Wild Celebration is a random bonus that is indicated by five champagne bottles at the bottom of the screen. Collect earnings as the corks pop out of the bottles to reveal wild reel prizes. Land an entire screen of wild symbols to earn the top jackpot of 1,800,000 coins.

When three of these symbols show on the reels this triggers a bonus game called “the Finer Things.” This bonus game gives the player ten bonus spins to collect bonus cash. Not only can the player collect from the winnings on the free spins, but at the end of the spins the winnings are then multiplied by amounts up to 5x which can result in an incredible profit.

Living the life of the rich and privileged does not seem so far away when players loose themselves in this lavish free slots game of the Fine Reels of Life. Luxurious payouts and numerous bonus spin features on this game will keep players coming back for a taste of the good life.

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