The Phantom’s Curse

The Phantom's Curse Online Slot: Bonuses via Respin Feature, Pick & Click Game and Free-Spins

The Phantom's Curse online slot is NetEnt's version of the Phantom of the Opera theme, created under the Universal Monsters brand. The game play is standard, requiring groupings of alike symbols to align consecutively in any of 40 paying lines starting from the leftmost column. The difference though is that this Phantom of the Opera slot-presentation has different Bonus Symbols that may combine as contents of a paying line. Except for the Chandelier Scatter, they can also act as Wild Symbols to complete or expand winning arrangements.

A more compelling attribute of the Bonus Symbols is their ability to set off a particular type of Special Feature. Stacked Phantom and Stacked Christine or Stacked Masked Phantom icons, trigger the Pick and Click Bonus Game. Stacked Phantom and Stacked Mask Symbols, on the other hand, activate the Masked Phantom Respin Feature.

The most potent Bonus Symbol is the Chandelier icon, even if configured as single-cell elements. It triggers the Free-Spins Bonus Round that could run on indefinitely. The Bonus Round ends only when the climactic Chandelier-dropping incident takes place.

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Actually, all reel elements except the Chandelier Scatter, have Stacked Symbol configurations. The highest paying of course, are the single-tile Phantoms, Stacked Phantoms, Stacked Christine, Stacked Masked Phantom and Stacked Mask Symbols. They have uniform payouts of 15, 50, or 200 on 3, 4 or 5-of-a- kind win, or on a mix of any bonus symbols, occurring as payline combo.

A single-cell Christine icon though, does not count as a bonus symbol. Christine images landing as elements of a winning arrangement award 15, 30, or 100 coin credits accordingly.

There is another notable aspect to the Stacked Bonus Symbols of the Phantom's Curse content. Even if only two (2) segments of the 4-tile high Stacked Bonus icons are in view, they can still set off the related Bonus Feature. However, it is not possible to activate another Bonus Features during an ongoing special event.

The Phantom's Curse Online Slot: Masked Phantom Respin Feature

Stacked Phantom Symbols in Reel 1 and Stacked Mask icons in Reel 5, landing simultaneously as spin outcomes, trigger the Masked Phantom Respin.

The Stacked Phantom and Stacked Mask triggering elements, as well as all single-tile Phantom and Mask icons present in the reel, will lock in place as Wilds for the respin feature.

The Phantom's Curse Online Slot: Pick and Click Bonus Game

This Bonus Feature activates by any of two Stacked Bonus Symbol combinations:

• Stacked Phantom Symbols in Reel 1 and Stacked Christine Symbols in Reel 5

• Stacked Phantom Symbols in Reel 1 plus Stacked Masked Phantom icons in Reel 5.

The game is a 2-part bonus feature. In the first phase, the game panel presents eight (8) Roses; containing either Coin Credits or X Marks as Blocker Symbols. Picking and clicking on each Rose icon continues as long as Coin Credits are revealed. Once a Blocker turns up, the bonus game immediately proceeds to the second phase.

The second game panel contains three (3) Hand Mirrors. Players will then select one in order to reveal either a x1, x2, or x3 Multiplier. The Multiplier revealed by the chosen Mirror will apply to the sum of all Coin Credits won in the first phase.

The Phantom's Curse Free Games

Chandelier Symbols take positions only in Reels 1, 3, and/or 5. Once a wagered-spin presents a display of at least one (1) Chandelier in each of the three (3) designated columns, the free games activate. The duration of the free round is indefinite, since the round depicts the Phantom of the Opera's climactic Chandelier-dropping scene.

Take notice of the Chandelier hanging next to the slot screen, and the five strands of rope connecting the object to each of the five (5) reels.

A Masked Phantom Wild landing on a reel severs the column's connection to the hanging object. Once all ropes attached to the grid has been cut, the tragic Chandelier-Dropping incident will take place. Such an occurrence will also end the Phantom's Curse Free-Spins Round.

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