The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack Free Slot

We have all heard of the wolf pack, but have you ever heard of the rat pack, if the answer is no, then this is your chance to accompany the rat pack and go along with them in their musical adventures where you can enjoy a one of a kind gaming experience while reaping their share of the great fortunes that the rat pack will come across during their adventures. Once players open the game, they will notice that the Rat Pack is a musical band as they got everything a band needs, a lead singer, two female singers for the chorus, a piano artists and much more. All of these Rat Pack band members will appear in the form of symbols that appear on the 5 reels and the 30 lines that the game offers. Other symbols include the logo of the game and poker card symbols that come in glittering colorful designs to fit the theme of the game. The theme of the game also affects the design of the background as players will see spotlights and catwalks behind the reels of the game.

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