VIP Stakes Online Casino


For a casino that provides betting options on just about anything, VIP Stakes Online Casino is the way to go. Here, you are able to play almost anything you might want, which is what really sets the casino apart from the rest of the other options available online. So, whether you want to play slots or bet on live sports, VIP Stakes Online Casino is the way to go.

More About VIP Stakes Online Casino

The VIP Stakes Online Casino is available for play throughout Europe, Canada and Australia, as well as several locations in Asia. This way, it is possible to play the available games online just about anywhere you might be. The casino also is under the watchful eye of the Cyprus Gaming Commission. Most casinos are not able to receive a gaming commission's approval based out of Europe, which is why this is just another reason they VIP Stakes Online Casino is trustworthy and protected. there are different protective elements in place in order to make sure all of your information is secure, such as “Trustly”, which is an encryption service that blocks out all outside threats and makes sure you are able to always feel safe when you log into the account, make a deposit or if you withdraw money from your VIP Stakes Online Casino account. You also have a large number of options in terms of depositing money into your account. Now, you can use a major credit card, including both Visa and MasterCard. You also have the ability to deposit money using Skrill, Neteller, PaySafe, Qiwi Wallet and several other methods. Basically, if there is an online banking option that you use, you are going to have no problems depositing the money into your account.


Casino Games

This is really where the VIP Stakes Online Casino excels and outpaces the other performs found online in the world of online casinos. For starters, VIP Stakes Online Casino uses the very best NetEnt slots for your enjoyment. These Net Entertainment slots provide an assortment of different games, many of which are based on your favorite television shows and movies. Beyond the Net Entertainment slots though, there is a live casino feature. This live casino allows you to play against other plays who have logged into their accounts. This is something you need to look into and find out if it is what you want. Instead of playing against a computer in poker or blackjack, you are playing with other plays at the table. There is also a live roulette version, should you want. Of course, there are regular online options, if you would rather do this. This way, you do not need to go up against people, if you would rather not.

Beyond the traditional games, there is also sports betting available at the VIP Stakes Online Casino. The sports betting is extensive, and you can bet on everything from American Football all the way to New Zealand style rugby and everything else in between. This way, there is always a great option for you to play. Of course, you can always go back and check out the NetEnt slots, if you like.

VIP Stakes Promotions

There are different promotions that go on throughout the week. There is a 150 percent bonus on your first deposit, so if you deposit $100, you receive $150 in return. There is also a $50 extra weekly bonus that you are just going to receive if you reload your account at some point during the week. You can also receive a 50 percent welcome sporting bonus, which can really help add to your sporting winnings.

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