Wheel of Wealth

Wheel of Wealth Free Slots Review

Wheel of Wealth is a really fun slot game that has a number of bonus opportunities where the crowning achievements bear the same name as the machine itself. The machine combines the traditional fruit symbols often seen in slot machines such as oranges, cherries and melons with more luxurious possessions such as red sports cars and private jets. Stacks of cash and gold bars are also there and all in all there are a number of ways to profit in this game.

To see a little on the basic side of the game, it may at first be mentioned that Microgaming is the mastermind behind this 25 line video slot and therefore you have even more options when it comes to which online casino to choose when to take the next step and play for real gains. Perhaps you have already seen that we've packed into the slot machine a great bonus offer from several casino sites and we are obviously behind every casino that we advertise on the page. It means that you can be confident that the games are fair, and that you get paid your winnings without problems.

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Let us go on to see a bit of bonus opportunities. The most exciting feature is undoubtedly the one called the Wheel of Wealth bonus. This is the famous wheel of fortune, and when you win a spin of the wheel, you are guaranteed a profit. The whole experience gives you almost the feeling of being on a game show on TV, the sounds are in any case very compelling.

To get to this round need, however, you have filled up the paylines with bonus symbols. You need at least three of them to have a chance to get ahead and fill up the board, you are guaranteed a spot in the bonus game. All you need to do then is press the spin button and wait for the wheel of fortune spin up. That said, there are no blank fields so you will always get a profit.

When you start the machine tells you that this is a coin-based game. This means that the money you deposit into the machine is then exchanged for credits (coins) that you use to play for. When you transfer the money out of the game again and exchange the coins back to the real money and the value per coin is obviously the same as when you bought yourself into the game.

For more information regarding all profit opportunities and what the different symbols can give you the profit you can take a closer look at the Wheel of Wealth's payment plan that you can find by following the links in the game. Here you will find all the details you need, even where each of the 25 lines running.

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