King Kong

King Kong

King Kong Slots

The gigantic gorilla that was captured in the jungle and then released onto the city has finally made his epic debut in the slot game world. King Kong is here and he’s not going to go down without a fight.

This is a slot game of 5 reels and 25 paylines with a whopping jackpot of $150,000! The tale about an ape who gets captured and released into the city has been transformed into a slot game. From the city to the ape, the reel and layout are based on the King Kong tale so you’ll adore the way the slot game is designed.

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The game’s features are good as the design. Betting options isn’t a worry, with low and high bets for everyone. The bonus features such as the wilds and scatters will help you out make more winnings and the bonus round will get you free spins which lead to more winnings. Who says King Kong is a bad animal? He’ll even fill up the reels for you! (He’s the wild symbol by the way).

With great design and great gameplay, the King Kong slot game is a must-play for everybody. Get your luck right and see the story of King Kong unfold while you win that elusive jackpot.

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