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Random Runner

Random Runner Free Slots Game

Random Runner Free SlotsDo you miss the old-scool, retro slot machines of the yesteryears? Do you like the modern slot machines but always wondered what the retro was like? Wonder no more because you can finally relive the moments (or experience yesterday when you weren’t around) with the Random Runner.

Random Runner is a 3 reels, 5 paylines slot game designed primarily as a classic game. Everything you come to know and love about classic slot games are all here: the HOLD button, the various combo buttons, the luscious design layout and everything else. It’s definitely for everyone but it’s a matter to the veterans who’ve always missed playing the classics.

While it’s got some modernized features to accommodate new players, the Random Runner still functions like that of the retro slot games. It doesn’t have the bonuses like other modern slot games but that’s something veterans will adore. They’ll like the nostalgic nod to the yesteryears. Multipliers? Bonus rounds? Pfft! They do not exist in this slot game.

From the slick art style to the gorgeous features, Random Runner is the nostalgic trip back to a time when slot games were all about bets and gambles. It may not be like modern slot games but this game will teach you where slot games got their forms first.

UPDATE: Random Runner is no longer offered so try this one instead.

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Random Runner Free Slots
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Rating: 7.2/10 (38 votes cast)
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