Battleship the Slot Machine Game


Battleship Slot Machine Game

Battleship is a unique IGT powered video slot machine that brings one of the most popular board games into the online gambling world, this board game has the same name as the video slot, Battleship. It was a game where players would divide the battlefield in a grid and they will start laying out their fleet of ships while other players give co-ordinates for their missiles as they try to sink the other player’s fleet. This board game was also adopted into a movie that also had the same name.

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40 paylined , 5 reeled slot machine

The game has 40 paylines that players can choose to activate by placing bets on and a total of 5 spinning colorful reels. On these reels and lines, players will see plenty of symbols that are inspired by the powerful theme of the game. These symbols include a battleship, a helicopter, a naval fleet officer, naval fleet commander, a fighter jet and a female naval officer. There are also colorful poker card symbols that come with stripes that resemble the stripes on the shoulders of army personals.

The betting options that players can place on the game can be found on the bottom of the game’s screen. These options include the number of lines (1-40) and the number of coins players wish to place on each of these lines (1-50). After the players place their wanted wagers, they will click on Spin so they can initiate the game and watch the reels spin as they hope for a winning combo. Players can see the different pays by opening the paytable of the video slot.

Apart from the winning combos, players will also find plenty of special symbols that will help them form winning combos. For example, there is the wild icon, which is the battleship. This wild icon can appear on any of the reels in order to substitute for any other icons to help players in forming a winning combo and claim a payout. When the wild icon contributes in the creation of a winning combo, the payout is doubled.

The game has a special bonus symbol, which is an orange symbol that has the word “Bonus” on it. When three of this symbol appear on any of the reels and lines of the game, the bonus round is triggered to lucky players. This bonus round is called the Victory Bonus. Players will also get a number of missiles depending on the number of bonus symbols. Three bonus symbols will give players two extra missiles, four bonus symbols will give players three extra missiles while five bonus symbols will give players four extra missiles.

All ships will be targeted by one missile, then players will be able to target each ship an additional time by using the extra missiles. These ships will give players a number of spins, multipliers or a bonus win. The free spins will be played by the given multiplier as well as the starting bonus payout. The free spins cannot be re-triggered during the bonus round.

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