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Captain America Slots Game

The All-American Hero who was frozen during WWII and came out of his sleep to save the modern world is now charging his star into the world of slot games. Joining the ranks of Iron Man, Captain America is finally having his own slot game.

Free Slots Games by Marvel

The Captain America Slot Game is a 5 reel, 25 payline and progressive slot game packed with bonus features. This slot game is based on the comic book series so don’t expect yet to see Chris Evans in these reels. But don’t worry: the developers did a great job in utilizing all of the comic’s best assets letting you see the images of WWII and the images of everything from the Captain America series. The art style is really good too, giving you awesome slick design of a comic book-themed slot game. The game also comes with a great selection of bonus features and game play options that would make the players’ stay at the game ultra rewarding and incredibly fun.

Betting options are great, with betting ranges of $0.01 to $125. The bonus features help you out with the winnings, with the wilds giving you a chance to substitute, the scatters activating the bonus round, the free spins letting you play for free and the bonus round giving you more bonuses.

Join Captain America and see him save the day in the modern world in this great free slots game.


Marvel Slots Machines have been pulled from circulation by Disney after their recent purchase of the brand. So if you like superhero games and enjoy joining comic book characters in highly entertaining and fun adventures, you can find plenty of other games right here. This includes DC’s batman that can be enjoyed through two Microgaming games, The Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises. These two games are inspired by the Christopher Nolan Trilogy, The Dark Knight. This is why players can expect to see plenty of the characters from the movies like Batman, Cat-woman, Bane, The Joker, Detective Gordon and more. Both of these games can be found here on this website for free so players can give them a try before placing real bets on these games. The games come with their own selection of special icons, features and bonus, as well as progressive jackpot payouts. Try them on this website for free and you will certainly not regret it.

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