Good Girl Bad Girl


Good Girl Bad Girl Free slot

Good and Evil, it is a battle that has been going for ages, and the winner is yet to be declared. This 3D video slot by Betsoft Gaming allows players to choose a side and fight for it, whether they want to be good and join the beautiful blonde angel in white, or they can decide to turn to the dark side and join the red skinned devil wearing black leather. This is not a metaphor as players will actually choose the side before they start playing as there is a meter in the middle. They can choose the bad side, the good side, or they can stay neutral and play on the lines that separate good from bad.

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The Visuals of the Free Slot

This amazing 3D video slot comes in amazing visuals that succeeds in depicting the amazing theme of the game. This is why players will see the angel on the left side and the devilish girl on the right side hovering as they accompany players during their gaming experience. All what players need to do in order to enjoy this exhilarating journey is to place a bet by going through the wagering options that are located under the reels. Players will first decide the bet per line and the value of the coins. As for the paylines, there are 30 of them, 15 are good and 15 are bad. Players can choose to trigger the 15 good ones on the left, or the 15 bad ones on the right or they can stay neutral and activate all 30 paylines. They will then click on Spin to start the game, they can also click on the Bet Max button so they can place the biggest bet that the game has and spin the reels at the same time.

The Good mode is less of a risk as it pays from left to right and the wins are more frequent but the wins are smaller. As for the Bad mode, it also pays from left to right but it is of a higher risk as the wins are not as frequent but the total wins are higher than the good mode. As for the neutral mode, players activate it with 2x the coins in order to activate both modes at the same time.

The symbols that are seen spinning on the reels of the game when players initiate it are inspired by the theme that the game is offering. This is why they include an angelic white cat and an evil dark cat, blue wilds, red wilds, the good girl, the bad girl and card symbols that vary between 10 and A.
A special Click me bonus feature is activated when players get the pitchfork and the halo side by side on any of the reels. Players will then get a number of gifts (bad variant or good variant) depending on the mode players have chosen. They will click on them to reveal their prizes until the world collect appears. The game also had 2 special wild symbols and the money wheel bonus.

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