Jackpot Slots


Jackpot Slots App for Multiple-Vegas Themed Slots with Huge Jackpots

Jackpot Slots, touted as one of the best free slots app in the app market, for having over 12 million users. Jackpot Slots are described as highly addictive slots game, but for good reasons.

Jackpot Slots app users experience multiple slots with simulated Vegas backgrounds. Accordingly, the execution of the Vegas theme makes the screen feel even more realistic than real-life gambling itself. App users enjoy the exciting bonus games that give the slots an even bigger appeal.

App users who have played the Jackpot Slots games experienced for themselves the high payouts and non-stop growing progressive jackpot.

Players have the ability to compete against each other in tournament style. The app has other games that allow each player to rack up points for which they could land a top spot ranking in a worldwide Leaderboard.

Jackpot Slots App Features

Through the latest Jackpot Slots update, players now have the ability to choose more premium quality slot games.

Currently, the app now has over 60 different unique slot machine games, containing prizes of all sorts, and new ways of experiencing slot plays. The wide ranging variety of choices available to Jackpot Slots playere makes it a game that adapts to its environment.

After all, playing slots for long hours while perched on a real casino stool could be uncomfortable. The availability of simulated slot plays via the Jackpot Slots games makes slot gaming a lot more enjoyable even for long hours.

All one has to do is to download and install the free app in an iOS Version 6.0 device or higher, to get the Vegas-like slot gaming experience at no cost or worries.

Jackpot Slots games have bonuses that go along with the payouts. This makes even the lucky ones even luckier. Each payout has the chance of generating a different type of bonus that may or may not be cash. Bonuses include free spins and other exciting gifts.

The Jackpot Slots progressive jackpot is by itself something that every player aims to win. After all, the entire pooled amount increases as more and more players contribute to the jackpot pool.

For the largest type of payout possible, landing a Royal Flush in video poker will result to the biggest payout. The jackpot money goes to whoever lands on the lucky set of symbols.

Jackpot Slots Version 2.9.2, which is the newest version underwent a lot of bug fixes. The result is a much faster slots game with no lag time between each page. Fast response make Jackpot Slots as currently one of the most popular free slots app.


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