Jumbo Joker

Jumbo Joker Online Slot: Stake Wins on Jumbo Meter for Bigger Cash Prizes

Jumbo Joker online by Betsoft offers classic 3-reel Vegas-style gaming but with a twist. Whenever a 20-credit win occurs in the Bottom Reels, players are given two options to consider. One is to play safe by collecting their 20 or more Bottom Reels winnings. The other is to level up by transferring the 20 or more credits to the Jumbo Meter. That way, they can play on the higher-paying Top Reels.

Aside from activating the Top Reels set, the Jumbo Meter may also set off the Joker Scatter and Mystery Prize Features. Accumulating 100 or 200 credits in the Jumbo Meter activates the corresponding Joker Scatter Feature. The latter rewards players with Scatter Pays on every Joker that emerges after a Top Reels spin. In the event three (3) Joker icons land as payline win in the Top Reels, an additional Mystery Prize will be awarded.

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Jumbo Joker Online Slot: Standard and Jumbo Reels

The Bottom Set of Reels is for the standard 5-payline betting game. Paytable values for each icon are presented on each side of the bottom grid.

The Paytable on the left displays payout values for spins launched with 1 coin credit, regardless of the coin value assigned. The Paytable on the right, present payouts on spin-wins gained by way of 10-credit wagers.

Take notice that the greater the number of credits staked, the higher the payout values. Moreover, the 10-credit option makes it easier for players to meet the minimum 20 credits required in activating the Jumbo Meter.

The Top Set of Reels is for the Jumbo Meter slot play, which activates if a player decides to transfer a minimum 20-credit winning to the meter. Similar to the Bottom Reel Paytables, the Paytable on the left side of the Top Reels is for the minimum 20 credit stake. The one on the right is for spins played with 40-credits.

The Top Reels also come with Joker Scatter Pays and Joker Mystery Prizes. However, those Bonus Features are available only on stakes of 100 or 200 credits. Although the value required is higher, it is possible for players to hit multiple Joker Scatter Pays via a single spin; possibly even several times over.

That being the case, Top-Reels spins may carry on for as long as the Jumbo Meter has enough credits. Play duration though is up to 15 Spins Max. Once reached, all credits carried in the Jumbo Meter will be awarded.

Jumbo Joker Online Slot: Joker Scatter Rewards

The Joker Scatter Rewards are available only if the Jumbo Meter has 100 or more credits. A 100 stake activates the 100 Joker Scatter. If the Joker Meter has 200 or more credits, raising the ante to 200 credits activates the 200 Joker Scatter. Jumbo Meter credits dropping to less than 200, automatically downgrades either to the 100 Joker Scatter Pay, or to none at all.

A Joker Scatter Pay is awarded whenever the icon emerges in the reel or reels marked with X in the corresponding Scatter Pay Diagram.

The 100 Scatter Pay Diagram indicates that on every Joker that lands on the middle of the Top Reels set, 100 credits will be awarded.

The 200 Scatter Pay Diagram shows that every Joker Symbol landing on any row or reel of the Top Reels set, garners 200 credits.

Yet if three Joker icons land as payline win, an additional Mystery Prize ranging from 10 to 2000 credits will be awarded.

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