Slotfather 3d Slot

Playing online 3d slot machines is exciting in so many ways. Just the basics of playing online slot machines offer a variety of options. So for the beginner who only wants to get a feel for the game, there are many free gaming options. With Slotfather, just simply select free spin and enjoy the many options available from the free slots reel spins. The free slots reel spins option offers many free thrills for any enthusiast.

Slotfather 3d slot is one of the first, best and most popular 3D slot games developed by Bestsoft. Slotfather is a five-reel slot machine that offers players thirty pay-lines for placing wagers. This game has bonus features that are exciting to play and plenty of rewards! Fans of slot games are fanatics of Slotfather. Players always appreciate the incredible dialogue and graphic slot action that the Slotfather delivers.

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A Multiplier Mob Free Spin feature is triggered as Frankie “da Fixer” appears on either the left or right of the Tommy gun symbol. From here, Frankie takes hold of the Tommy gun where he shoots up the reels. The player then chooses one of the bullet holes which reveals the number of free spins and a multiplier. With a multiplier of between 1X and 3X, Players can win between 3 and 10 free spins.

The name Slotfather says it all. Slotfather clearly gets its name and gaming theme from the gangsters and crime lords, but instead of the godfather, slotfather is the name.
The game surrounds itself in the world of the mafia underworld which adds to the exciting and entertaining video slot machine game that players crave.

The Slotfather is powered by Betsoft, the innovator and leader in true cinematic 3D gaming which is one of the top names in the industry. This has brought players the confidence to expecting the highest quality in graphics and amazing game features.

Symbols in the game such as Tommy guns, wine bottles, cigars, a classic era car, a spaghetti plate, a suitcase of money and more are representative of what one would expect to see in the mafia glory days.

The scatter symbol represents the Underboss. The scatter symbol rewards players with extra credits and cash prizes worth 250.00 and 1,500.00 depending upon the symbols that appear on your screen. Players who get three symbols earn fifty credits. Players who get four or five symbols will earn 100 and 200 credits. Slotfather also offers players two rewarding features and one bonus game.

The main bonus round is triggered when 3 or more symbols land on an active payline. During this bonus game, the players job is to put slot machines inside three businesses throughout the city. After placing each slot machine, the player is shown how much revenue each slot machine has generated. When the last slot machine is in place, players will be invited to the Slotfather's table. Here the Slotfather and his associates will discuss whether or not the player deserve a bonus for their efforts.

The Slotfather slot machine is a very entertaining and exciting experience. Enjoy the adventure.

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Best Slot Machines (Online)

Slot machines are known to be one of the world’s most popular casino games. From its simplicity to the chances of winning, it is no wonder people will come flocking straight to them for the chance to win something. Jackpots, multiplied winnings, bonuses… what more can you ask from slot machines? They always provide a chance for everyone to get their share of winnings. No matter what you say, slot machines are here to stay. You can chop them off, saw them off or sell them, but they will always be a part of any casino player’s life.

Slot games are not just popular in the world of casinos; they are now popular in the online world. Casinos today, have websites that are used as a venue to put up slot games. Surveys show people have given these online slot machines a warm welcome. Try searching Google for surveys; every year, online-casinos get boosts in sales coming from the slot games they put up. Millions upon millions of dollars are always made, and in return, the online casinos put up more online slot games for their customers to play. How and why slot games online are popular is something that is hard to explain, but as some people say, money talks. You can clearly see that the majority of the players really love their casino games.

When it comes to playing slot machines online, people always go for the best. Any company can make a slot game out of the blue, but only a few companies can make the BEST slot game. A slot game out of the blue cannot always be good; maybe the slot game is left unfinished or maybe the game was not done properly. For whatever reason, you can clearly see some slot games were not meant for release to the public.

This is the reason it is always the goal of the player, and the developer, to strive for the best slot machines online. The players want to have the experience that only the best can give, while the developers make their games the ones that can offer the best experience. Why settle for second-rate slot machine games that will net you winnings that make you feel as if you were robbed.

What makes an online slot machine the best slot machine? How can you say it is the best of the best? Here are the things to keep in mind when seeking the best slot machine online:

A.      The overall design and implementation

When you are looking at a slot machine online, check the design and the implementation. Are they good? Does the design give the slot machine justice? Is it done in a good manner? Slot machines online should have a good design to make it more appealing. They should also be constructed well enough to give the best performance. In 3D slot games, and movie-themed slot games, see if the design is nicely done, and the animation and sound work correctly. Check to see if the art style is implemented in a well-done manner. Also important in 3D slot games, is that the 3D effects are done well, and that the elements of the story are integrated properly. Will the 3D effects make you dizzy or will they make your playing a great experience?

B.      Are the winnings consistent for the game?

You should always consider the structure of the game. Sometimes, some slot games malfunction when it gives the winnings. In fact, if the winnings are not consistent with the game, you might not be getting the amount of money that you are owed. For instance: What happens if you win the jackpot, and you hit it again, but end up shortchanged? The best slot machines always keep consistency in the winnings of the players. There may be a few glitches and bugs, but at least it keeps them to a minimum. And hey, when you are playing with your real money, do you want to be shortchanged of your bet? You should always find consistency.

C.      Check the popularity of the game. You will also need to check its popularity when it is a progressive.

Is the best slot machine, always, the one that is most popular with the players? While some opinions are subjective in nature, there is no harm in knowing which machine is a favorite with the players. Sometimes, the slot game you think is the best game can actually have bugs and glitches that the other players noticed. Therefore, listen to their advice; they are doing you a favor saving you from wasting your time. When you are playing slot machines with jackpots in them, such as the progressive machines, you have to remember that the jackpot builds up from a percentage of the bets. If there are no people playing the progressives, then the jackpot is not very big.

D.      Is the game fun to play? Is the game just nothing but a chore?

The best slot machine online is the one anybody can play without any previous knowledge of slot games. Sometimes, there are games that, supposedly, are the best slot games, when in reality, they are nothing but a chore. Seriously, do you have to go through boring sections just to get into the game? Slot games are about fun, not chores. This is especially important in 3D slot games. You have to consider if the 3D slot games are fun to play, and if you are able to participate in the story or if it is just a boring nuisance to reach the end of the game.

E.       Is unlocking the bonuses easy?

The best slot machines always give the players a good way to unlock the bonuses. They do not have to be too easy, but they do not have to be too hard. It is always good to challenge the players so they learn how to earn those elusive bonuses.

F.       Are the bonus features and add-ons done nicely?

The best slot games, to give the game a nice boost, offer the best bonuses and add-ons. Always ask yourself if these features are properly integrated in the game. On the other hand, there are some slot games that just add the bonus rounds and add-ons as a second thought: these are nothing but “show-ups.”

G.     Can it let you download it?

You should always make sure that the online slot machine gives you the option to download the game for later use. This feature is useful because you will able to play even on times when the Internet is down. It will also give you time to learn the ropes of the game so that you can increase your winnings.

H.     Does it let you play it on your own spare time without being too time-consuming?

Whether you are at home, at work or at the fast food restaurant, there is nothing like playing the best slot machine at any WiFi or Internet hotspot. Does the best slot game let you play at these places? Being able to play at your own pace is one of the best factors of the online slot machines.

I.        Does it make you say, “This is the game I love to play until the end of the world!”?

If it makes you say that phrase (even though you actually do not want to play until the end of the world), being able to proclaim happiness playing the best slot game, is a good factor in itself. Re-assess the previously mentioned features, and if it makes you say that crazy phrase, then you have finally found the best slot machine online.

So there you have it. Now you have an idea of the best slot machine online. There are many factors to consider, especially, in the overall design, implementation, and bonuses that will make you go, “Wow!” Although people have different opinions, the best slot machine online is something every player can agree on. When you are looking for the next best slot machine, take those factors to the test, and see which slot machine you think is the best machine. If you find the best slot machine online, stick to it, and rake in the winnings of your life. It is time to whip out the best in the best slot machine online.



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