Steam Tower™ 3D Slot

Steam Tower™ 3D Slot Features Stacked Wilds with Dual Functions

Steam Tower™ 3D Slot is a five-reel, 15-fixed payline 3D slot released in February 2015 by Net Entertainment. Net Ent's game designers took inspiration from the 19th century Victorian era in conceptualising an adventure-themed slot game that has Wilds that function beyond the conventional symbol substitution action.

“Steam Tower™” 3D slot presents a fictional depiction of how the steam-operated inventions will transform mankind's future as advancements in industrialisation will continue to transpire. The innovative Net Entertainment game presented the concept through the Free Spin Bonus game that is activated by the emergence of one or more full-body image of the “Steam Tower™” (ST) hero that serves as Stacked Wilds. As a Wild, it denotes that the icon of the ST Hero can replace other icons to form one or more winning payline combinations, starting from left or the first reel going toward the rightmost direction.

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Unlocking the bonus game entitles the bonus player to 10 bet-free spins, which he or she will use to help the ST Hero in fulfilling his mission of rescuing a beautiful damsel, held captive by a fire-spewing dragon at the topmost level of a 16-storey steam tower. Indicating a player's progress in his or her quest to reach the 16th floor are the Floor and the Tower Meters indicating the ST Hero's current position in the game's steam tower edifice and the current multiplier applicable to the payline wins.

Another dual-functioning Wild Symbol is the close-up image of the ST Hero's vintage, yet seemingly mechanised harpoon, which apparently is the modern weapon the hero will use in slaying the fiery red dragon. The appearance of a lone Harpoon Wild symbol not only increases a player's chances of forming payline combinations but also increases by two, the number of bonus spins available for free play. Denoting therefore that a bonus player has greater chances of reaching the 16th floor because each free spin added to the bonus game also brings a bonus player to the next level of the steam tower. This is where the game's hero will attempt to slay the dragon and rescue the fiery creature's beautiful captive.

But of course, the hero will succeed in doing so, to which a 1,000-coin reward will be awarded to the successful bonus player and added to the total wins achieved during the bonus game. Moreover, a x7 multiplier applies to the winnings gained from payline combinations formed while at the 16th level. In addition, if in case the spinning action that brought a player to the 16th level floor returned with another Harpoon Wild symbol, the additional two bonus spins will continue and any wins will be included in the total Free Spin payouts.

However, if the free spins available ends before a player succeeds in helping the harpoon-wielding hero reach the topmost floor, the bonus round ends and brings the hero back to the first level. Nevertheless, players can still have more tries at completing the rescue mission, as the Stacked Wilds will still appear at random during the subsequent main game spins.

10 Total Score
Steam Tower™ 3D Slot Awesome Game!

Net Entertainment's new Steam Tower is really awesome -- the bonus game is very entertaining and generous with its free spin additions.

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