The Curious Machine

The Curious Machine Free Slots Game

Although the Curious Machine free slots game is based on time travel, it presents such theme with a very unique twist. We are accustomed to games that are themed around time travel that will take players into wild journeys to different ages in the past & the future but in this game, players will not go to these different ages but they will open a window to these ages through the reels of the game. In this game, players will go on such journey with a young man and his loyal robot. Players will find them at the reels of the game as they will join the players during their gambling experience. This game can be enjoyed at Mr. Green among other casinos that are powered by Betsoft Gaming.


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Speaking of the reels, the game presents players with 5 reels and thirty lines. The reels of the game will feature numerous symbols that are themed around time travel, this includes symbols from the age of dinosaurs, a sea captain, the scientist, his robot and a futuristic age symbol with flying objects.

Players will be able to enjoy a myriad of bonus symbols and rounds. Players will be able to find out more about these special features as well as the regular winning combos by opening the paytable of the game. For example, the game has the vortex wild feature. It is a wild symbol, the vortex. If can replace any other symbol to form a winning combo and if that does not happen, it will form a wild vortex that will change the entire layout of the symbols which will give players more chances of creating a winning combo.


The Curious Machine is a free slots game that looks like it was ripped from the pages of a frightening novel. The curious machine in the game is one that you cannot understand, and it does things that are completely unpredictable. You will play the game as the machine works in the background. It will send your game in directions that you would never have thought of, and you need to make sure you are watching what the machine does. You can get to a point in the game where you will completely understand the machine, and you will feel like you have made your way through a thrilling piece of literature.

This game has a strange set of five reels and 30 lines. You are the person who is fighting against the machine to stop it from doing the terrible things that it does. You are playing the game to see if you can get to a bonus round that will help you shut down the machine, and you should remember that the machine is fighting against you as you play.

The machine is going to send you through space and time because it is a time machine. You are going to see all the things from the old world that are going to dazzle you as you play. You may not understand where all these items are coming from, but you will be shocked to see them when you get out of the time machine and see a new world that happened in the past.

The tiles fly around the screen as you play, and they fly in ways that will blow your mind. You can put the machine to use when you go to the next level, and every background is going to change as you get to a new place in time. The game does not have an end, but it will stop when you run out of spins.

The bonus round gives you extra spins, and you will be able to use those extra spins to get the best results. The free spins will come back to you many times until you run out, and you will get the multipliers many times until you have won as much as you can. You are shot out of the bonus round when you run out of free spins, and you go back to the regular game. You could go to all the different levels of the game until there are no more spins left to use.

This free slots game is the kind you can play to enjoy the best kind of games you can imagine. You come here to play something that is totally different than any other game, and you will feel like you are flipping through the pages of a great book. All the new worlds you will visit look amazing, and they are going to allow you to win more money. Enjoy the way the game looks because it is designed with sci fi fans in mind.

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