Dancing in Rio

Dancing in Rio : Fun and Festive Online Slot with Progressive Jackpot

Dancing in Rio is a popular land-based slot machine content carrying the Williams Interactive Progressive Jackpot. The game is now available at online casinos supported by the SG Interactive gaming platform. Fun and festive Rio Carnival-themed reel icons pulsate when forming winning combinations. The winning images rise up and down to the beat of the lively samba dance music.

Slot players themselves will likely sashay and sway as they land on payline wins. After all, the Wild icons are configured as Stacked Symbols. They often appear in whole or in part as 3-tile columns of wild icons. The Dancing in Rio Free-Spins Bonus Round awards up to 50 bonus spins. Even more, if the Scatters triggering the round indicate a number of extra bonus spins. On top of that, the free round may extend if another set of trigger Scatters appear to activate a fresh set of free-spins.

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Dancing in Rio Wild Symbol

The Game Logo represents the Wild Symbol that substitutes for any regular-paying reel symbol. Identical images positioned in the same payline as a Dancing in Rio Wild icon can easily be completed, or expanded into a longer winning combination. Even greater still, is that multiple reels of Stacked Wild Symbols may appear after a base or bonus spin. The Game Logo Wild though emerges only in Reels 2, 3, 4 and/or 5.

An exciting payline combination would be the full-reel, full body image of the sylphlike Rio Queen and Stacked Wilds. Since the Rio Queen's full-reel image is the highest-paying symbol, combining with multiple Stacked Wild Symbols will likely bring exceptional wins!

Dancing in Rio Online Slot: Scatter Bonus Game Symbols

The Carnival Eye Masque image represents the Scatter Bonus Game Symbol. Three, four or five of such image displayed in any reel or row after a single spin, activates the Free-Spin Bonus Round.

Some Carnival Eye Mask Scatters include a +2, +5, +10, or +20 Overlay. The numbers indicate the additional bonus spins that Dancing in Rio players will receive as bonus rewards. In addition to bonus spins, Scatter combinations of 3, 4, or 5 correspondingly award Scatter Pays of x1, x2 or x5 the Total Bet.

Dancing in Rio : Free-Spins Bonus Round

The number of free-spins awarded depends on the number of Carnival Eye Masques Scatters that activated the round. Three, four, or five Scatter icons award 10, 20, or 50 free-spins respectively. Yet if the Carnival Eye Masque trigger combination includes a Scatter with +2, +5, +10, or +20 Overlay, then the number of bonus-spin rewards will increase accordingly.

There is a chance that more than one Scatter will have a numeral Overlay. In such cases, the sum of all additional bonus spins will be added to the default set of free-spins rewards. The same rule applies if another set of Carnival Eye Masque Scatters re-trigger the Bonus Round.

Dancing in Rio Online Slot: Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpot pooled for this game is accessible only if the spins are activated with real-money wagers. Players though must place bets per spin of 2.00 or higher to unlock the Top Prize, which starts with 55,000.00 seed money. Nevertheless, those staking bets below 2.00 still have five other Dancing in Rio Progressive Jackpots to vie for, albeit seeded with lower amounts of prize money ranging from 500.00 up to 20,000.00.

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Dancing in Rio - Of Pulsating Reel Icons, Upbeat Samba Music, Advantageous Stacked Wilds, and Bountiful Free-Spins!

Dancing in Rio online slot with Progressive Jackpots, will have slot players swaying and sashaying to the rhythm of catchy samba music. The reels are filled with enhancers in the form of multiple Stacked Wilds, full-reel, top-paying Rio Queen icon, and Scatter Symbols that award free-spins, additional free-spins and Scatter Pays!

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