Enchanted Slot

Enchanted is a 5-reel, 30 payline and non-progressive slot game that has the theme of fairy tales. You'll see the familiar wizard, the fairy, the ogres and other images of fairy you've loved as a child (or as an adult, if you're into that sort of thing).

Enchanted is done in 3D, so you'll see the high quality of graphics used for the symbols and design. It gives you this depth that not many slot games do nowadays. You'll also see animations that somehow give the game a boost as you play along.

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Gameplay for this slot game is solid. You can bet low and bet high to your needs  as much as you want. You also get a chance to hit it lucky as well. While the game doesn't have as many bonuses as other slot games, it does have free spins which makes up for the lack of bonuses. And there is a bonus game lurking here so if you can manage to unlock it, prepare to win more winnings than ever.

Get ready to see your fairy tales come alive in the slot game Enchanted, where your tales of getting rich may come true. Just don't hit unlucky all right?

Enchanted Slot Review

Have you ever dreamed of escaping into a new world while you tried your hands at a slot machine game? Well then, Enchanted Slot is for you. It takes you to a whole new world entirely. A world where magical creatures such as wizards and fairies come alive and greet you along your slot journey.

The game is in 3D which provides very high quality graphics. The magical beings seem to come to life. If these magical creatures are what you are into, you may be wondering how you can play?

You can bet low and bet high depending on how you want to play. An option to hit it lucky is also available! All of the Enchanted characters that you play with are expertly designed. The princess that shows up is beautiful with her blonde hair and sparkling eyes. The ogre is scary with his big eyes, and protruding teeth.

>When it comes to bonus rounds, this one doesn't have as many as you see in other games. It does however have free spins which in a way makes up for the lack of the bonus rounds. However, there is one big treat in this free slots game that you can work for! There is a bonus game that you can attempt to unlock. Half the fun of slots is working towards something, and this game offers that. If you unlock the bonus game there are so many options for winnings.

The layout isn't the only thing that makes this game one of the most free slots ones. It's simple easy to follow which comes in handy for those first time slot machine players. The unlimited spins on this game is what makes this game perfect for beginners because they can really get a feel for the slot machine.

The free spins also come in handy for those who would love nothing more than spending the day playing slot machines. With the enchanting graphics of this game, players won't get bored either. When it comes to the basics of the game, Enchanted is a 5-reel, 30 payline game. That means plenty of options for winning. The best part is, is that there are so many options.

You don't have to do 30 paylines, you can decrease the number depending on what you are in the mood for. Also you can choose the coin that you want to bet. It's always nice to have options. This game is also a non-progressive one. So spin away. You'll be greeted by ogres, magic balls, wizards galore. There is in even max bet spin option. As usual, the auto play option is always available.Overall, Enchanted is a great game with a great feel to it. It's perfect for beginners, and those who have been playing slots their whole life. This online game is ideal as well because you can literally play it wherever you are. It's a great way to pass the time, and to enjoy some superb graphics. So spin today, and win big with the ogre, the princess, and the wizards.

Although Betsoft Gaming has other games that have the same theme, the “Fairy Tales” theme, Betsoft has decided to release one more slot. This is because this theme has proved to be quite a success among players. This new Fairy Tale themed video slot is a 3D 5- reeled video slot with thirty wager lines. This game also has a very enchanting intro, pun intended. This intro will take players into the theme of the game. Players will enjoy 3D visuals that are inspired by the same theme as well as a soundtrack.

Players who achieve a winning combination of symbols will enjoy the animation that some of the high paying symbols will do. Being powered by a software developer such as Betsoft Gaming ensures players a lucrative gambling experience. The game offers a lot of lucrative rounds and rewarding bonus games.

For example, there is a game that is entitled Crazy Hats Crazy Reels. In this bonus round, players will be able to re spins three reels from the 5 reels of the game which enables players to manipulate the symbols in order to get a winning payline, the 3 reels are randomly chosen by the game. This round can be triggered by players who get 2x Crazy Hats on the game’s reels. There is another bonus feature that is called Tonk’s Tinkering Doors. It is triggered for players who get three spell book symbols.

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