Monopoly Dream Life


Monopoly is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most popular and most exciting board games ever. It is where we all become businessmen and buy lots of land to build hotels and houses to grab as much money as we can in rent from the other players. Due to the popularity of this game, many software developers have decided to create slot machines that are themed around it. One of the best games is brought to you courtesy of IGT, it is this game, Monopoly Dream Life. In this game, instead of just playing monopoly, you enter the Monopoly world in order to earn real rewards instead of the fake money paper used in the board game.

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The entire interface of the game is based on the game. For example, instead of the spin button, it is the Go Button. As for the background, players will see the Monopoly board brought to life. As for the symbols that appear on the reels, they are all inspired by the monopoly game. This includes The Monopoly man as a sailor, the Monopoly Hat, the Monopoly Boat, The Monopoly Car, The Bonus Symbol, a Monopoly Dog, the Monopoly guy as a car driver and as a poker player.

These symbols appear on the game’s five reels, 3 rows and 20 lines. Players can specify their wagers and activate the wanted lines at the bottom where they will find a yellow colored control panel showing players their betting options, their final wager and the winnings they earn after each spin. Players will choose the number of lines, from 1 to 20 lines and the line bet. Players can place from one to 100 coins per line.

The Wild green bag of golden coins is the wild symbol of the game that can substitute for any of the other symbols to help players claim a reward through a line payout, it only appears on the first three reels of the game. Speaking of line payout, players can check the different combo of symbols and their respective rewards at the paytable of the game. The higher line payout that players can earn at Monopoly Dream Life is equal 5000 coins and it is given to players who get 5x Monopoly car driver on a payline that they activated.

The game also has the rewarding Free Fall symbols feature. This feature is active during the normal game play. When players succeed in creating a winning combo of symbol, the winnings will be displayed then the matching symbols will vanish and they will be replaced by new symbols that will fall from above, which gives players yet another chance to create a combo and claim a payout. This will keep happening as long as players keep forming winning combos. Players who get 3x Bonus symbols on the reels of the game will be able to activate the Dream Life bonus where they can claim tons of great rewards and cash prizes.

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