Jackpot Slot Machines

Jackpot Slot Machines

Jackpot Slot Machines

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve had a run with slot machines. You’re probably the slot gamer who’s done all he can do with slot machines, and you want something new. You’ve pulled all the levers, pushed all the buttons, got all the winnings, but still, you want something more. You want something that will give you more than just winnings. You want the winning that could change your life for the better. And so that’s why you want… the jackpot.

 Slot Jackpots

Slot machines, as you already know, are casino games that let you align the symbols to win a large sum of money. Of course, there are other slot games that let you try different mechanics, such as the Payline. This game has line paths that when you align some symbols along it (for example, three 7s are aligned along a diagonal path) you’ll get some money. Another game, the Multiplier, doubles your initial bet if you hit 2 or 3 symbols on the same row. There are a lot of slot machine variants for you try.

Again, I’m assuming you have already tried every variant, and still you say, “Isn’t there a slot machine that can really increase my chances for some luck-risking games?” Well, casino player, there is something you haven’t seen, and this might just be for what you’ve been looking: jackpot slot machines.

What are jackpot slot machines? These are the normal slot machines you’ve played many times, but it has a jackpot. Sometimes the jackpot is so large that you might become an instant millionaire. Isn’t that exciting? One night you’re struggling to keep afloat, and the next day, you’re finally Donald Trump. Boo-yah!

You can play some jackpot slots for fun below:

Millionaires Club 3The Millionaires Club 3Cleo Queen of EgyptPlay Cleo Queen of EgyptMega JackpotMega Jackpot Slot MachineBladeBlade
ron ManIron Man Free SlotsGlam LifeGlam Liferon ManIron Man Free SlotsTycoonsTycoons
Spider-ManSpider-Man Free Slots

Before you play the jackpot slot machines, you have to know a few things about them. First, jackpot slot machines have different ways of collecting money for the jackpot. Some slot machines usually take a percentage of your bet to add to the pot. If you bet $10, the slot machine might take 50%, and if you win, you will get back $5. It varies from slot machine to slot machine. Second, jackpot slot machines aren’t different from their non-jackpot counterparts. In fact, it’s like you’re just playing the regular slot machine game you have played many times already. Third, there are jackpot slot machines that are designed to have a jackpot, and there are jackpot slot machines that are not.

What are some of the slot machines that have jackpots? All the variants of slot machines such as 3 reels, 5 reels, Multiplier, Bonus Multiplier, 3D Slot Games, Movie-Themed, and many others, can have a jackpot built into the game. You can tell the slot game has a jackpot installed if you see a jackpot bar installed on any part of the screen or the machine. You can’t miss it if you look carefully. If you don’t see one, then the slot game has no jackpot installed. Don’t go barging in the casino manager’s door to demand a jackpot.

There is a slot machine that is solely designed for jackpot, and that is the progressive slot machine. What are progressive slot machines? These are slot machines which at first look like the typical pull-the-lever or push-the-button slot machine, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see it’s not. Progressive slot machine will take a percentage of your bets, and will add it to the pot. Now, it was mentioned in the previous paragraphs that slot machines with jackpots, like the 3 reel, can do that. But what makes the progressive slot machine different is the large amount that can accumulate. Some progressives can reach up to millions, and in some cases, billions as well.

There are three types of progressive slot machines. First is the Stand Alone. As the name implies, Stand Alone progressives have jackpots that take a percentage of bets from the players that play on those machines alone. The jackpot rises when more players play the machine, but you have to expect the jackpot to be smaller than the other machines. Second, are the In-House- progressives. These slot machines are connected to the other progressives in the casino. They’re owned by the casino where they are located, and you can expect the jackpot to be big. It doesn’t matter if one progressive isn’t played by many; the other progressives will provide the big jackpot. The third type is the Wide Are progressive. This is like the In-House, but as the name suggests, it collects bets from all over the nation. The slot machines are connected with other slot machines which are not owned by the casinos that house them. This is where the life-changing amounts can be won. Because of their “wide area” coverage, expect this slot machine to have the jackpot that could give you a heart attack.

Another type of jackpot slot machine is the Buy-A-Pay. It’s a jackpot slot machine that only gives you the jackpot if you bet the maximum. Sounds easy right? Well, you have to remember that you only win the jackpot if you bet the maximum. It means that even if you hit the row of symbols, you’ll NEVER get the jackpot. The Buy-A-Pay forces you to risk it all in the name of a jackpot. This is not for the player who will get angry, and go on a rampage if he loses his chance.

Now that you have an idea on what the jackpot slot machines are, it’s time you had a strategy on how to make your approach. Here are a few suggestions:

Have a good amount of bankroll. Whether or not you play slot machines with jackpot, you must ALWAYS build bankroll. You can’t expect to get lucky the first time you play; so always build the bankroll. When it’s big enough, you can take a good risk. Ever heard of calculated risk? Do that. Never, and I mean NEVER, risk all of it. It is better to have something left that nothing at all.

 Go for the Stand Alone and the In-House. When you’re approaching the progressives, it’s better if you take your chances with the stand alone, and in-house machines. The chances of getting a large amount of money are lower, but you’ll be able to build a bankroll really fast. Or if the jackpot you see in these machines is enough to pay your vacation to Hawaii, sure why not? While Wide Area progressives sound really good, it’ll take you a while before you hit a jackpot.

Bet on max, player. This is the biggest lesson many would-be jackpot winners learned: you often have to bet the max to activate the jackpot chance. It might be risky because getting a jackpot varies from bet to bet. So make sure you know how much to bet to activate the jackpot, you might have to bet the max. You’ll thank yourself for doing so.

Know your machine well. Don’t assume jackpot slot machines are the same. You’ll be playing different kinds of slot machines; 3 reels, 5 reels, paylines, and other variants. Learn on how they work, and what you can do to make every bet count. Play the slot machine that you find is right for you.

Don’t focus on getting that jackpot like it’s the last thing you need to do. If there’s one thing you should do when approaching jackpots, is to remember the games are to be played for fun, and nothing else. Why are you going to lose your sanity for the sake of winning a prize in a slot machine? It’s not going to get you anywhere when you suddenly lose your job, your family, and your clothes. So let jackpot winning be a part of life, not the focus.

Take your time. There’s no need to rush. You have all the time in the world to win the jackpot. Just be patient, and soon enough, the last bet you make might be the special bet of your life.


That about wraps up this guide to the jackpot slot machines. Now that you have a firm grasp of what they are, it’s time you made your bet count as well. Whatever slot machine, with jackpots ,you pick — whether it’s progressive or the regular slot machine with a jackpot attached — what matters is you take a calculated risk, place a good bet, and hope for the best. Go ahead and bet for the jackpot of your life!

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